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Looking for a specific material for your SketchUp model? Our SketchUp Materials Bonus Pack contains hundreds of great-looking materials that you can use to really make your SketchUp models shine.

Download Google SketchUp and create, modify and share 3D models for free  

Perform shade studies and add realism SketchUp's powerful, real-time Shadow Engine lets you perform accurate shade studies on your models.

See inside your models You can use SketchUp's interactive Sections feature to temporarily cut away parts of your design, enabling you to look inside. You can use Sections to create orthographic views (like floorplans), to export geometry to CAD programs using SketchUp Pro, or just to get a better view of your model while you're working on it. Section Planes can be moved, rotated and even animated using SketchUp's Scenes feature.


Save views and create animations We created Scenes to enable you to easily save precise views of your model so you can come back to them later. Need to create an animation? Just create a few Scenes and click a button.

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