Download Kerkythea SketchUp Plugin

Kerkythea for SketchUp is free to use and it is compatible with both the Free and Pro version of SketchUp. It recognized .3ds or .obj models and performs as a free exporter for SketchUp. Kerkythea generate superior quality rendering of the images and minimize the rendering time to a great extent as it applies physically perfect materials and lights.

Kerkythea consists of several useful tools to computerize scene arrangements like staging with the GL real-time viewer, material editor, general/render settings, editors, etc., in a universal interface.Kerkythea Render Sample

Karkythea is a powerful rendering tool. Download Kerkythea today and render ranging from simple ray tracing to Photon Mapping and Metropolis Light Transport. Not only that, using Karkythea you can access more render modes easily from one-click present list.

Download Kerkythea Plugin for SketchUp from
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